Fglrx on Debian Stretch (testing)

Problems with fglrx and an ATI/AMD graphics card on Debian Stretch? Go here: Download the ISO and install Kubuntu. Seriously, not worth the pain of trying to get fglrx to work with Debian Testing, unfortunately 🙁 Share

Installing Skype on Debian Testing

I just went through the classical painful process of dist-upgrading my Debian Testing on the laptop. The main reason to do so is that I wanted to install Skype, which I hadn’t installed before on this machine, and it wasn’t playing ball with the dependencies. So I went ahead, dist-upgraded and almost all the dependencies […]

Switching between screen inputs without a switch

At my office I have two computers: a Linux desktop and a laptop running Linux and Windows. I have a dock station for the laptop, plugged to the two screens that I also use with the desktop computer, in alternate inputs (DVI/VGA). Changing the inputs in these screens is a bit of a hassle, because […]

Cambiar entrada de monitores sin necesidad de un switch

En el despacho tengo 2 ordenadores: un sobremesa con Linux y un portátil con Linux y Windows. Con el portátil trabajo en una dock station conectada a los dos monitores que uso con el sobremesa, pero en entradas diferentes (DVI/VGA). El cambio de entrada en estos monitores es un poco engorroso, ya que no se […]